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Maggie Weir

Maggie Weir view profile

Maggie Weir graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in art and elementary education.  She is known for her whimsical animal murals in local buildings and for her “trompe l’oeil” creations on cutting boards and furniture.

Maggie is curator of the Door County Historical Museum in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and a “Puppy Counselor” for Leader Dogs for the Blind.  She and her husband, Jeff, are currently raising their 20th Leader Dog pup.

Maggie and Jeff live in rural Sturgeon Bay.  

Willyn Webb

Willyn Webb view profile

Mobile learning experts Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb are also co-authors of the book, Teaching Generation Text. Webb, a teacher, administrator, and licensed professional counselor in Colorado has published numerous books and teaches online classes for educators using mobile technology. She is mom to three girls and has developed an innovative alternative high school.

Marci Warhaft-Nadler

Marci Warhaft-Nadler view profile

Marci Warhaft-Nadler is a body image advocate, writer, and founder of the “Fit vs Fiction” project, which is aimed at arming kids with the self-confidence they need to tune out negative messages and be exactly who they want to be instead of who they think they’re supposed to be. She frequently appears in the media breaking down the dangerous myths related to beauty and fitness. She sees the beauty in imperfection and strongly believes: “Self-worth should not be measured in pounds.”

Keith Torgan & Barbara Siesel

Keith Torgan & Barbara Siesel view profile

Juilliard-trained flutist Barbara Siesel, aka Green Golly, makes music by some of the greatest composers of the 19th and 20th centuries come alive. Writer and storyteller Keith Torgan fairly dances through the voices of the new characters he has created to grace the beloved old tale, from the goofy prince and the wacky witch, to Vlotek the Gypsy and Mousey Tongue.

Kenda Swartz Pepper

Kenda Swartz Pepper view profile

As the daughter of a District Forester, I learned early on the importance of conserving natural resources and caring for the earth. When I was a child, I wanted to grow up and become an architect for doll houses, a writer of children’s stories and plays (my first official screenplay, a Sci-Fi entitled Strangers from Planet Zadar debuted when I was in fourth grade), a famous artist, a poet, a play actor, a defender of wildlife, and an inventor. I invented different versions of leprechaun and fairy-catchers. Each one had an escape door, so I’m not really sure if I ever actually caught any fairies or leprechauns; but I think maybe so only they escaped.

Andrea Strongwater

Andrea Strongwater view profile

Andrea Strongwater has been an artist since birth. She works out of her studio in New York City. She received her BFA from Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art and Planning. Over 100 paintings of lost relics of European Jewish history are included in this project, that will encompass numerous paperback, hardcover, and even a coffee-table edition of Lost Synagogues.

Susan F. Smith

Susan F. Smith view profile

Susan F. Smith is a former elementary school teacher and dedicated pre-school volunteer. She is also a community leader, activist, and loving grandmother. Sue's interest in children's literature goes back to the 1960's when she was teaching first grade and penned this poem along with several others. Now she volunteer's in her grandchildren's school libraries and loves reading aloud to children.

Dr. Ronald A. Smith

Dr. Ronald A. Smith view profile

Dr. Ronald A. Smith is a noted sport historian and Professor Emeritus at Penn State University. He grew up on a dairy farm in Southern Wisconsin and attended Northwestern University majoring in history and participating on the baseball and basketball teams.

He then played minor league baseball with the Chicago White Sox. Following his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin, he spent 28 years at Penn State teaching sport history and researching intercollegiate athletics.

He has published a number of books on sport history

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo view profile

Celebrated as the “King of Kid Hop”, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is a one of a kind, stand out star in the indie family music scene. A proud father and stoked husband who also had a decade of experience nationally touring with and producing various hip hop acts, he joined his worlds together in a flash of inspiration and created a family hip hop band with his wife and daughter. Mixing sophisticated instrumental funk with intelligent storytelling and uplifting rhymes has earned them a large and loyal fan base, constant radio play and loads of frequent flier miles while rocking stages internationally and having a blast!

Virginia Sanders

Virginia Sanders view profile

Though trained to be a high school mathematics teacher, she has always had a passion for drawing, painting, and cartooning. This, together with her abiding love for children and animals, is what triggered the creation of this book.

Her other passion is the protection of wildlife and the environment, and to that end she writes a regular column for the local newspaper having to do with sea turtle conservation and edits and illustrates a piece called "The Marine Scene," emanating from Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, where she is a long-time volunteer.

Susan Russell

Susan Russell view profile

SUSAN RUSSELL is on the theatre faculty at Penn State University. She had a twenty-five year career as a professional actor on and off-Broadway, in regional theatre and at opera companies across the country. While performing in Phantom of the Opera, she was an artist/teacher for New York Offstage where she created, developed, and implemented workshops in musical theatre performance and acting, and created and developed arts-based education programs for New York City Opera. At Penn State, Susan teaches graduate and undergraduate playwriting, musical theatre history, graduate literature and criticism, and Women and Theatre. In 2007, she created Cultural Conversations, which is a new visual, theatre, and dance festival devoted to promoting and fostering new works that circle themes of global and local diversity.

David Rockowers 6th Grade Class at Mount Nittany Middle School

David Rockowers 6th Grade Class at Mount Nittany Middle School view profile

David Rockower's 2010/20116th Grade Class at Mount Nittany Middle School

Mark Ross

Mark Ross view profile

AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR/MUSICIAN Mark Ross first began combining his musical talent and his love of children in the early 1980’s at the Rainbow School in State College, PA. Ella Jenkins, Hap Palmer, and Mrs. Patty Hild were his biggest influences. Mrs. Hild encouraged Mark to write songs and use his guitar to teach as well as to entertain. This is what he did for six years, before leaving the classroom behind to spend the next fourteen years as a founding member of Queen Bee and the Blue Hornet Band, a popular blues group that toured the Mid-Atlantic, Europe, and Canada, with whom he wrote and recorded six records. During that time Mark, continued to do his brand of music for kids wherever and whenever possible. If he met preschool teachers at a gig and could make their next morning class – he was there. After becoming a dad, Mark changed careers. He opened a guitar shop, started an amplifier business, and in 1998 accepted a position as the Children’s Music Specialist at the Penn State Child Development Laboratory, where he continues to hone his craft.

Suzanne Ridolfi

Suzanne Ridolfi view profile

The author, Suzanne Ridolfi, holds a degree in Psychology and has done Master's work in Child Psychology.

She and her husband, Joe, live in New Jersey with their three children, Ashley, Nick, and Ryan.

Sue Ridolfi and the Abby's Adventures series can help your kids counteract the effects of the media, build resilience and self-acceptance, and start each day feeling good about themselves!

Lisa Nielsen

Lisa Nielsen view profile

Nielsen is best known for her award-winning blog, The Innovative Educator. Her writing is also featured in places such as The New York Times, T.H.E. Journal, Tech & Learning, ISTE Connects, Huffi ngton Post, ASCD Wholechild, MindShift, Leading & Learning, and she is the co-author of the book “Teaching Generation Text.” Lisa Nielsen is a seasoned public school educator who has worked full-time as a permanently certified teacher and educational administrator. She is passionate about learning in innovative ways that prepare students for real-world success.

Laura Nadler Scott

Laura Nadler Scott view profile

Laura has written several kids picture books, short fiction stories and loads of adult and children’s poetry since graduating with an English degree in 1993. She later obtained a juris doctor.

She enjoys reading, writing, walking, karate, pottery and relaxing with friends, while her very favorite activity is spending time with her wonderful son and daughter – her little inspirations.

This is her first published title but more are coming.

Cathy Marine

Cathy Marine view profile

Cathy Marine is a volunteer at Mote Marine Laboratory who divides her time between helping at the Dolphin and Whale Hospital, working with rehabilitating sea turtles at the hospital, spotting dolphins and recording data for dolphin surveys with SDRP, and assisting Dr. Eugenie Clark, the founding director of Mote, and a world renowned authority on sharks. Prior to volunteering at Mote, Cathy was a school librarian and Media Director.

Dr. John Apostal Lucas

Dr. John Apostal Lucas view profile

Dr. John A. Lucas, Professor Emeritus at Penn State University, has written over 200 articles and books on the history of physical activity, track and field, and the Olympics. He has gained perspective by participating in a 10,000 meter Olympic trials, coaching track and field in the public schools and at Penn State University, and attending every Summer Olympics for a half-century.

Michael Logue

Michael Logue view profile

Michael Logue created the original illustrations that complement this fable in mixed medium watercolors, ink, graphite, and airbrush. An award-winning architect and trained artist, Michael takes his inspiration from the Rimpa School, which uses multiple colors and hues to create literal depictions of nature combined with abstract effects such as water in motion or wind blowing.

C. Robert Logue

C. Robert Logue view profile

Author C. Robert Logue is a lifelong reader and storyteller. From the Top of the Mountain came to him when his personal life and professional life collided, and he was forced to confront his “boulder-like” ways. When the written words were finished, he reached out to his brother to create the images that truly bring the words to life. This is his first book.

Phoebe Link

Phoebe Link view profile

Phoebe Link is an author, poet, musician, and educator, inspiring elementary school children for over three decades. She shares her time between State College, PA and Bar Harbor, MA. Throughout her active life, Phoebe has enjoyed sailing and skiing and sharing her love of life with children.

She received the highest award from the College of Education at Penn State University known as the “Excellence in Education Award” for extraordinary contribution to education. Her biography is included in Marquis Whoʼs Who in American Education and Whoʼs Who among American Women.

Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda

Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda view profile

Illustrator Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda has won national awards for graphic design and illustration. She is also an award-winning fine artist and freelance designer (www.suzannelebeda.com). Suzanne has a B.S. in Art Education from Buffalo State and has a M.F.A. degree in Graphic Design & Painting from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Richard Kopley

Richard Kopley view profile

The author, Richard Kopley, is Distinguished Professor of English at Penn State DuBois and the author of The Threads of “The Scarlet Letter” (University of Delaware, 2003) and Edgar Allan Poe and the Dupin Mysteries (Palgrave, 2008), as well as short stories and children’s books. He and his wife Amy Golahny live in State College, Pennsylvania, and have two grown children, Emily and Gabe.

Dr Neal Hemmelstein PhD

Dr Neal Hemmelstein PhD view profile

Dr. Hemmelstein received his B.A. degree and elementary school teaching credential from Sonoma State University in California. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in school psychology at The Penn State University. Dr. Hemmelstein worked as a staff psychologist at a residential treatment facility in Erie, Pennsylvania. His duties included providing inpatient and outpatient psychotherapy, staff training, and consultation, as well as oversight of the day-to-day operation of three Emotional Support classrooms. Between his undergraduate and graduate education, he co-founded a private elementary school (K-6) in Los Angeles, where he taught kindergarten for three years, and later taught as a clinical teacher of adolescents for two years at a private psychiatric hospital in central Pennsylvania. Dr. Hemmelstein currently lives in Lemont, Pennsylvania, where he works as a school psychologist in the State College Area School District.

Josephin Kischitzki

Josephin Kischitzki view profile

Josephin Kischitzki works at the US Embassy in Berlin but has developed a passion for writing. This is her first book.

Dawn Griffin

Dawn Griffin view profile

Dawn Griffin has a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Tyler School of Art.

Her online comic strip "Zorphbert and Fred" has been published in comic collectives and has received many honors.

Nadine Gelberg

Nadine Gelberg view profile

Nadine Gelberg ...

Phyllis Deitch

Phyllis Deitch view profile

Phyllis Cohen Deitch holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University. She is licensed as both a Psychologist and a Marriage and Family Therapist with over 30 years of experience as a Psychotherapist. Deitch is also a Life Coach, assisting her clients in maximizing their potentials in order to become their best selves in work, life, and love. The author lives with her husband Dr. Bernard Deitch in Voorhees, NJ.

Tina Chwala

Tina Chwala view profile

Tina Chwala ist zweifache Mutter und staatlich anerkannte Erzieherin. Schon seit ihrer Kindheit malt sie leidenschaftlich gerne und hat ihre Werke schon mehrfach ausgestellt, u.a. in der Fürst-Stirum-Klinik in Bruchsal und der Thorax-Klinik in Heidelberg. Zur Zeit macht sie eine Weiterbildung zur Kunsttherapeutin an der Freien Kunst- und Kulturschule in Karlsruhe.

Mary Beth Bamat

Mary Beth Bamat view profile

Mary Beth Bamat enjoys a simple life in the Quehanna woodlands of Central Pennsylvania, where she resides with her husband, Craig, and three children, Jonathan, Stefan, and Laura. She likes cooking, hiking, and canoeing on the Susquehanna River and enjoys her work with young children with Cen-Clear Child Services.

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