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Susan F. Smith

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Susan F. Smith is a former elementary school teacher and dedicated pre-school volunteer. She is also a community leader, activist, and loving grandmother. Sue's interest in children's literature goes back to the 1960's when she was teaching first grade and penned this poem along with several others. Now she volunteer's in her grandchildren's school libraries and loves reading aloud to children.

Dr. Ronald A. Smith

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Dr. Ronald A. Smith is a noted sport historian and Professor Emeritus at Penn State University. He grew up on a dairy farm in Southern Wisconsin and attended Northwestern University majoring in history and participating on the baseball and basketball teams.

He then played minor league baseball with the Chicago White Sox. Following his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin, he spent 28 years at Penn State teaching sport history and researching intercollegiate athletics.

He has published a number of books on sport history

Susan Russell

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SUSAN RUSSELL is on the theatre faculty at Penn State University. She had a twenty-five year career as a professional actor on and off-Broadway, in regional theatre and at opera companies across the country. While performing in Phantom of the Opera, she was an artist/teacher for New York Offstage where she created, developed, and implemented workshops in musical theatre performance and acting, and created and developed arts-based education programs for New York City Opera. At Penn State, Susan teaches graduate and undergraduate playwriting, musical theatre history, graduate literature and criticism, and Women and Theatre. In 2007, she created Cultural Conversations, which is a new visual, theatre, and dance festival devoted to promoting and fostering new works that circle themes of global and local diversity.

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