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Eco-Libris: plant a tree for every book you purchase!

By purchasing the Eco-Libris sticker for your books when you check out, one tree will be planted to offset your carbon footprint. Your contribution really makes a difference and together we can replenish the world's forests! 

Founded in 2007, Eco-Libris is a green company working to green up the book industry in the digital age by promoting the adoption of green practices in the book industry, balancing out books by planting trees, and helping to make e-reading greener. More than 30 Million trees are cut down annually for virgin paper used for the production of books sold in the U.S. alone. Eco-Libris aims to raise awareness to the environmental impacts of using paper for the production of books and provide readers with an affordable and easy way to do something about it: plant one tree for every book they read.

So far Eco-Libris balanced out over 170,000 books, which results in more than 190,000 new trees that are being planted with their planting partners in developing countries.

For more information on Eco-Libris, please visit their website - www.ecolibris.net and blog - ecolibris.blogspot.com.