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Madam President: Five Women Who Paved the Way

by Nichola Gutgold, Abigail Kennedy, and illustrated by Jane Ramsey

Whoever that first woman president may be, she will be indebted to the other women who trailblazed before her. We have had over forty presidents in the United States since the country began, and all of them have been men. But did you know that many women also have run for president? They have been trying for decades, and will keep trying. Someday soon, a woman will be elected President of the United States. It could be you!

Published: 20 January 2015 | 32 pages | Categories: None

Madam President: Five Women Who Paved the Way

The Crumbles Chronicles: Battle of the Paper Bags

by Laura Scott Schaefer

Narrated by Crumbles himself, Battle of the Paper Bags tells a humorous “tail” about how an insecure rescue pup faces his arch nemesis (well, one of them) - big brown paper bags! But can a nervous pup such as Crumbles really battle the bags and win? Bark along with this hapless hero as he deals with his own identity crisis, his overwhelming fear of everyday objects, and a yearning to have a real super power. Along the way, Crumbles meets Napoleon, a tiny poodle with a big attitude, Chip, a frantic rodent, and Whisper, the wise bunny. Crumbles also shares his amusing Crumbles Code Rules, such as “ I pee on Myself. Deal with it.” and “Don’t Touch My Tail. Ever.” Hilarious but heartwarming, Crumbles shows us that anyone can be a hero. Proceeds benefit local SPCAs.

Published: 14 February 2015 | 104 pages | Categories: / /

The Crumbles Chronicles: Battle of the Paper Bags

Weirdo Calhoun and the Odd Men Out

by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

(Moonbeam Silver Medalist 2014) Weirdo Calhoun was the weirdest of all from the day he was born. Before long, his joyful strangeness spread like a dance craze and inspired other kids to find their inner weird. Then, in a blaze of gleaming smiles, the Ad Men rolled into town and sponsored a wild and crazy talent show, and the outcome might just change the city of Squaresville forever! By Emmy-award-winning kindie hip hop artist, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Published: 23 September 2014 | 32 pages | Categories: None

Weirdo Calhoun and the Odd Men Out (Book, CD & Instant Download)

Green Golly & her Golden Flute (book & CD)

by Keith Torgan & Barbara Siesel, illustrated by Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda

(Parent's Choice gold medalist): Rapunzel may have been horrified to spend her days trapped in that big old tower, but not Green Golly! She was so inspired, she couldn’t help but make music. This introduction to the creative and beautiful world of classical music inspires children to listen actively and imagine creatively. Includes CD and QR codes for instant access to the 30-minute performance and 10 classical pieces on flute and piano.

Published: | 52 pages | Categories:

Green Golly & her Golden Flute (book & CD)

Well Earth Well Me

by Kenda Swartz Pepper

(Mom's Choice silver medalist, Foreword Review silver medalist): Well Earth Well Me! has been created to empower little people to take little steps to make big changes. What are some of the choices you can make to help create a well earth and a well you? There are many options, ideas and solutions! Some solutions are here in the book, some are in your head, and the very best ones come from your heart. You can share all your ideas at www.wellearthwellme.com.

Published: 15 December 2011 | 32 pages | Categories: / /

Well Earth Well Me

Where We Once Gathered, Lost Synagogues of Europe

by Andrea Strongwater

(Moonbeam silver medalist, Foreword Review silver medalist): Lost Synagogues is a collection of vibrant paintings depicting synagogues that were eradicated before and during WWII. Andrea Strongwater has researched Jewish communities across Europe to connect archival photos with written records that together tell the story of European Jewish life before the holocaust. Ideal for children.

Published: 19 April 2012 | 48 pages | Categories:

Where We Once Gathered, Lost Synagogues of Europe (hardcover)

Mixed-Up Morning Blues / BOOK & CD (Hardcover)

by Mark Ross, illustrated by Nathan Mellott

(2011 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award silver medalist) Mixed-Up Morning Blues has been one of Mark’s most requested songs for the past thirteen years. Here it is served up by a righteous twelve-piece band with a ton of help from “his kids,” along with lively illustrations in an easy-to-follow book format. It’s an inspired project that beautifully brings together Mark’s extensive experience and passion as both a blues musician and an educator. According to Mark, you can teach kids almost anything with music, and they do “get” the blues.

Published: 15 July 2010 | 32 pages | Categories: / /

Mixed-Up Morning Blues / BOOK & CD

Cuffy's New York City Adventure

by Foto Goldberg Mandell

Spencer is an inquisitive young boy who “knows where he is going” as he ventures through life with his stuffed animal, a tiger cub named Cuffy, but sometimes he doesn’t see the “whole” picture until he tips his favorite red cap. Discover the amazing sights that are revealed as Spencer and Cuffy explore New York City. Beautifully illustrated visual clues help children predict and interpret what will come next. If you look closely, you will find adventurous Cuffy hiding in different places throughout the story.

Published: 15 July 2013 | 40 pages | Categories:

Cuffy's New York City Adventure

Building a Strong Home-School Connection with Cell Phones

by Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb

Can cell phones help parents and educators build a stronger connection that will ultimately benefit students? Yes! Through cell phones, students, parents and teachers can better communicate with a myriad of free and low-cost resources that Nielsen and Webb list out in this helpful book. Built on the premise that the home-school connection is invaluable for students, readers learn exactly how digital tools can help, including text and voice programs, podcasts, Voki, and translation apps. Cell phones and the enhanced connections they provide can strongly benefit students and their individual learning.

Published: 15 September 2014 | 44 pages | Categories:

Building a Strong Home-School Connection with Cell Phones

Fix the School, Not the Child

by Lisa Nielsen

“Fix the School, Not the Child” provides parents with 20 concrete actions they can take to advocate for the rights of their child in school today. It was inspired by the movie “Race to Nowhere”. The movie identified issues with schools, but ended with no solutions. “Fix the School, Not the Child” was written to provide parents with solutions they can pursue when schools are not meeting their children’s needs.

Published: 15 September 2014 | 44 pages | Categories:

Fix the School, Not the Child: 20 Ideas for Parents Who Want to Advocate for the Rights of their Child in School

1989: Diary of a Revolution

by Penny Smith Eifrig

In the summer of 1989, a 21-year-old student from Cornell University set off to Germany to research the idea of the German Kulturnation, looking at the concept of culture on both sides of the Wall. What she did not know when she set out was that she would soon find herself in the middle of a revolution: a mixture of mass exodus and the masses taking to the streets. While the focus of this book, which is based on her honor’s thesis written in 1989-1990, was the concept of culture, she also captured the excitement and confusion of the months surrounding the collapse of East Germany and the rapid reunification of the two German states. This unique perspective of a young American studying and working in both East and West Germany provides an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the transformation of a nation.

Published: 9 November 2014 | 182 pages | Categories: /

1989: Diary of a Revolution, From East to West to Germany