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Looking for Lincoln

by Roland H. Wilkerson, Jr.

For young Tommy Wall from the shady little town of Mill Gate, Pennsylvania, America is baseball. Pinch hits and outs, best friends, an honest game, and the grass around the diamond make his world. But when Thomas Wall is forced to confront the reality in America around him as an adult, it is not so simple.

Published: 5 April 2012 | 352 pages | Categories: /

Looking for Lincoln

Where We Once Gathered, Lost Synagogues of Germany

by Andrea Strongwater

Lost Synagogues is a collection of vibrant paintings depicting synagogues that were eradicated before and during WWII. Andrea Strongwater has researched Jewish communities across Europe to connect archival photos with written records that together tell the story of European Jewish life before the holocaust. Collector's art edition

Published: 15 April 2014 | 92 pages | Categories:

Where We Once Gathered, Lost Synagogues of Germany

John Apostal Lucas

by John Apostal Lucas

Dr. John Lucas has dedicated his nearly half-century of academic life at Penn State University to researching and writing about his first love of sport, track and field, and the Olympics. He has attended every Summer Olympics since the 1960 Rome Games and has written several books, including Future of the Olympic Games. From his over 200 monographs and articles, Lucas has selected 23 of his articles written since 1953 for this anthology. They cover the range of his academic interests and reflect his passion for the Olympics and athletics. The work also includes an autobiography of a life dedicated to writing, teaching, coaching, and running.

Published: 1 November 2009 | 312 pages | Categories: / /

John Apostal Lucas: Teacher, Sport Historian, And One Who Lived His Life Earnestly - A Collection Of Articles And Essays

A Debutante's Passion, A Coach's Erotica

by Ronald A. Smith

Ronald A. Smith is a noted sport historian and Professor Emeritus at Penn State University, where he spent 28 years teaching sport history and researching intercollegiate athletics. He has published a number of books including Sports anBig-Time Football at Harvard, 1905: The Diary of Coach Bill Reid (University of Illinois Press). The same Bill Reid is the subject of love letters, discovered in Smith's research about the coach. Bill Reid had a side to his life that was little known outside his life at Harvard and its athletics. The love letters, showing the passion of Bill and Christine, his girlfriend, fiancé, and wife in the late Victorian Era and early twentieth century, are Smith's initial venture into literature of love. The intimate and explicit love letters of upper-middle and upper class individuals are an exceptional find, illuminating aspects of life in the early twentieth century as well as making us reflect on our own lives. Passionate correspondence between Harvard football coach William T. Reid and his wife, Christine Williams Lincoln Reid, 1896-1924

Published: 5 December 2008 | 372 pages | Categories: /

A Debutante's Passion, A Coach's Erotica -  Love Letters Of A Harvard Man And A Boston Elite