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Random Acts of Reading

Eifrig Publishing is cooperating with a new non-profit organization, Random Acts of Reading, to help get books to kids in need. In addition, we are working to create a way for schools with "Meet the Author" programs to cooperate neighboring schools who do not have the funds for such events, to foster community and caring and help bring authors to more schools to inspire more students to be creative. 

If you know of a group of kids, a school, or library who would benefit from the donation of books, please send us an email to RAOR(at)eifrigpublishing.com.

Random Acts of Reading will then match sponsors who would like to donate the books to the group.

Eifrig Publishing is supporting RAOR by providing books at a discount.

If you would like to sponsor a group, you can purchase a case of books by visiting the RAOR website here: RAOR 

(currently still under construction. Please email us if you are interested).