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Stepping Stones

Published: 12 August 2011
Pages: 88

Binding Type: paperback
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ISBN: 978-163233-084-0
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Stepping Stones


This outstanding book of introspective poetry was written by young author Veronica Marie Emigh, who is the 2014 gold medalist in the YACK! (Young Authors - Creative Kids) writing contest.


I remember opening the notebook

I recall staring at the page

I don’t remember the reason

Or what moved me to write that day

I remember thinking it was terrible

Changing, tweaking to no avail

But to become a success

At some point all must fail

I got up, tried again

Each time better than before

And as I moved through the days

I began writing more and more

I remember winning contests

And receiving endless praise

The thing I loved to do

Was paving me a way

So if one day you fall in love

With something you can do

Don’t ever stop

You never know where it’ll lead you

Talents, they don’t stick around

In time they fall and fade

Until you no longer have them

Don’t let it happen that way

Sharpen your skills

Seek advice and ways to shine

I don’t remember the reason

But I do know I love to write

Veronica Marie is a sophomore at St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy in Boalsburg, PA. She has been passionate  about writing since the fifth grade, and began experimenting with poetry in middle school. She also enjoys playing basketball, running track, singing, reading, and spending time with friends and family.  She completed these poems when she was 14.