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Removing Barriers to Success

By Leo Joseph Yodock, Jr

Leo Joseph “JoJo” Yodock spent his life trying to strike it rich to get away from his small-town roots. And while he still very proudly lives in his hometown, JoJo has traveled the world, and if you look closely, you can see a twinkle in his eye because his name, Yodock, can be found in every city–even internationally–on the Yodock barrier. And he’s not done yet! He has more ideas that will take him–and his name–to new places.


In this book–part memoir–part entrepreneurial lessons, JoJo, as he is affectionately known, shares his lessons in entrepreneurship and life, and how he did finally hit it big with his invention, the Yodock water-filled barrier. In this book, you will find lessons in life and business. You’ll also get to know JoJo, and read about his many adventures and his amazing family.

"Removing Barriers to Success" is a must-have for aspiring entrepreneurs, but anyone can benefit from his years of wisdom and experience.