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I HAVE NO NAME - THREADS - L'CHAIM: a life in poetry

I HAVE NO NAME - THREADS - L'CHAIM: a life in poetry

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In her 86 years, Marie Cameron has epitomized the term 'wandering Jew'. Along her path from Nazi Germany to Cape Breton, from Nova Scotia to the Panama Canal Zone, and across North America, Marie has shared conversations with Holocaust survivors, enjoyed a penpal correspondence with Robert Frost, dated Frank Lloyd Wright-trained architect Gregory Ain, marched with Martin Luther King, and had a decades-long friendship with Gerald Traprain, the sixth Earl of Balfour, who was one of the last sailors of the great cutter sailing ships.  

Her life has had a remarkable richness.

In this, the final comprehensive collection of her poetry, she explores being an observer in this rapidly changing world. Marie is remarkably active, spending her days in beautiful central Pennsylvania with family and still working to make the world a better place.


What people are saying:

When you meet Marie Cameron, you have no idea what you're in for. You think she's just the sweet neighbor next door, and then you find out she is a published poet, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize; you process that she escaped the Holocaust, but the rest of her family didn't; you wonder at her strength in providing psychotherapy to survivors of the Holocaust; you admire how she cares for and mentors an adult granddaughter with autism; and you find out she jumped off a tall building in a harness to raise money for those in need in her community. You find out who YOU are, because she shows us the way, through her life and through her poetry, to be fully and truly human."      Nancy Rose Chiswick