The Extraordinary Pause

The Extraordinary Pause

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by Sara Sadik and illustrations by Karine Jaber

The Extraordinary Pause is a keepsake testament of the pandemic of 2020-2021 and a tribute to the simple and remarkable efforts people made in the face of the unexpected and unknown. Whether reflecting on what was lost or gained, this book is a wonderful tool for discussing the physical, mental, and emotional impact of this extraordinary event. The text is complimented with thoughtful and poignant illustrations with a minimal color palette and plenty to explore for the young audiences, as well as a few talking points to help kids reflect and remember this experience.

This book will have a place in a child’s permanent collection of childhood favorites. It will be a place to return to as we reflect with our kids on the challenging period we experienced during the extraordinary pause and help us all to grapple with the social, physical, and mental parts of the journey.

Forthcoming in September 2021!

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Sara Sadik published her first book, “Finding Magic in Mommyhood” by Skyhorse Publishing in 2018.  Her personal website has over 3,000 subscribers, and her Instagram handle @bysarasadik has almost 20,000 followers. She is an avid speaker with around three events per month with topics ranging from ‘The Impossible Act of Balance’ and ‘From Blog to Book’ and is a reoccurring speaker at Emirates Literature Festival. She is available for live and virtual author events.

Karine Jaber is a Dubai-based graphic designer and illustrator with a plenitude of regional clients who appreciate her commitment and passion about the work she creates. Her art was recognized and short listed for The Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award 2011.  Her passion resides in illustrating books and creating strong characters. She is an influencer on Instagram. @this_little_individual.


What people are saying:

"What a beautiful and important book!

Being a behavioral therapist, I have been seeing children totally confused about the world today, and this book is not only fun and helpful for children, but it’s also a wonderful tool for parents, teachers and therapists to explain the situation in such a sweet matter!
Well done!!
I so recommend this book!! ♥️~Nadine T


"This book is so beautifully written and illustrated. The simple way the writer explains the pandemic is perfect for children and even made me quite emotional. I could not recommend this book enough!" ~Shaye Wilson  


"What a gem! Beautifully written and illustrated to tell a story that me and many other parents can relate to. It has surely been a roller coaster for all of us and reading this book made things feel so much better. Love it!"  ~Al Cha