THEY HAVE NAMES began as an awareness campaign to help people who may have misconceptions about the people who are fleeing war and oppression better understand who they are, as well as introduce a few of the faces behind the numbers to those who are simply interested in "getting to know“ people seeking refuge. Through photos and stories, we share experiences with our friends from a refugee camp in Berlin where we volunteered for almost two years, until the camp was closed in September 2017. While the site was initially intended to simply bring awareness and help develop empathy for "others,“ we have also had direct calls for action (eg. bike drives in Berlin, collection of funds for basic necessities or art supplies and other activities for the kids).

We are supporting a non-profit in Berlin, Flüchtlingspaten Syrien, which is collecting funding to assist with family reunifications to help Syrian families stuck in dire situations get sponsored visas to join their family members who have found refuge in Berlin. Please consider contributing via the link above! 

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Purchase of exhibit catalogues and books supports this campaign and the efforts of the Berlin non-profit to reunite families.


THEY HAVE NAMES Walking Photo Tour in State College, PA, opening November 3, 2017


THANK YOU for your support!