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Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Secret Agent 23 SkidooWinner of the 2017 Grammy Award for Best Children's Music and celebrated as the “King of Kid Hop”, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is a one of a kind, stand out star in the indie family music scene. A proud father and stoked husband who also had a decade of experience nationally touring with and producing various hip hop acts, he joined his worlds together in a flash of inspiration and created a family hip hop band with his wife and daughter. Mixing sophisticated instrumental funk with intelligent storytelling and uplifting rhymes has earned them a large and loyal fan base, constant radio play and loads of frequent flier miles while rocking stages internationally and having a blast!

“Secret Agent 23 Skidoo has married the complex beats of hip hop with the magical world of kids.”  -Today

With five #1 hits on SiriusXM global radio, a track on the 2012 GRAMMY Winning Childrens' Recording and gigs from basketball courts in the Bronx to stages at the Smithsonian, Lollapalooza and the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is spreading the family funk far and wide.

"Through his music, he empowers kids to be themselves." -USA TODAY

The core of the Secret Agent’s mission is the celebration of originality and novelty, both in funky art and in quirky people. His songs and stage show are an energetic escalator to lift up the underdogs and let the light shine warm and bright on those that feel a little different...which is pretty much everybody. Armed with the belief that our differences are often our superpowers in disguise, he crafts beats and rhymes to spark inspiration in kids and families that trailblaze on the road less travelled. 

 "Witty lyrics and funky rhythms, smart yet fun...a totally successful musical mission for Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. "  -LA Parent

Deeply enthusiastic about language and the turn of the phrase, Skidoo has been a ceaseless proponent for reading and creative writing. He has created four years of music and lyrics for the US Library System’s Summer Reading Program television commercials, and served as its official spokesmen for New York State for two. He has also developed a series of rhyme writing workshops that help kids express themselves through the art of hip hop...which often results in the “class clowns” putting more focused energy into the assignment than anyone else!

“Nobody is making better ‘Kid Hop’ than Secret agent 23 Skidoo.  -NPR's All Things Considered

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