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We are super excited to be partnering up with the Centre County United Way to provide books to their Raising Readers initiative, which provides books through their partner agencies to underserved kids!   This is what is it all about...Eifrig Publishing hopes to expand this model of providing books to all kinds of great kids around the USA and beyond!  

If you would like to donate a book, a box of books, or buy one and give one, simply put your books in the cart and use code: UNITEDWAY-RAISINGREADERS when you check out. You will have free shipping and if you just put in UNITED WAY as the recipient, for every book you purchase we will match it with a second book to be donated to the Centre County United Way. 

If you want some of our great books for the amazing kids in YOUR life, you can put in your own shipping info, and we will still provide a free book for every book you purchase to the United Way! 

Please contact me at if you are interested in making larger donations of books...we can add a "THIS BOOK WAS DONATED BY..." to the front page of each book if you would like to donate a case or more (ca. 32 books per case). Thanks!! All such donations are also tax-deductible.