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Book Proposal Guidelines


Please check back in later to see if the submission process will be open again. 


Thank you for your interest in creating your work with Eifrig Publishing, LLC. If you have an idea for a book that fit our values and markets, we will be glad to review it for possible publication.

To give your proposal the best chance of being selected for publication, please make sure that it includes everything we need to determine whether your book is right for publication with Eifrig Publishing, LLC. Submit online AND send an email with your name and address to:


Before Submitting your Proposal

Before sending your proposal, you need to do a little homework to make sure your book is right for us and that we completely understand what your book is about, who it is for, and how it will sell.

Familiarize yourself with Eifrig Publishing, LLC. Browse our website Look at the types of books we publish and the subjects we cover. We are especially interested in children’s books with a positive/environmental message for our kids section, while both novels and historical works fit well in our adult section.

Research the competition. Go to bookstores or and see what other books have already been published on the subject. Think of how your book is different and better than existing books. Does it approach the subject from a different angle, include new coverage of the topic, or have some other element that will be irresistible to buyers?

Research the audience and market. Know who your book is for and how a publisher can best make these people aware of your book so that they will buy it.

Compile your formal book proposal. Put together all the items that we will need to determine whether we will publish your book. See the next section for details. If you would like to submit a children’s book, please only provide the information below that is relevant for a children’s book, as well as the status of any illustrations for your work.

Please don't call! We regret that the volume of submissions prevents us from discussing proposals over the telephone.




Please email your proposal and manuscript to: 



What Your Proposal Should Include

Your proposal should be clear and concise. It should be under seven pages in length, not including the sample chapters and your resume or CV. Crucial elements to include are the following:

Working Title 

What title do you propose for this book? Please include your first choice as well as a few alternatives. List the keywords that the title should definitely include—words that convey the essence of the book and appeal to the target audience.


Answer as many of the following questions as possible:

  • In a nutshell, what is the book about?
  • What led you to write it?
  • What need does the book fill? What problems does it solve? Why is the information important?
  • How is the topic increasing in importance rather than declining?
  • How do you envision the finished product? What are its dimensions, page count, and other physical specifics? Does it include charts, worksheets, illustrations, or other special features?

Target Audience

Who is going to buy your book? Provide demographic information for your target audience, such as

  • Age
  • Reading level
  • Gender (if applicable)
  • Education level
  • Place in career (entry level, mid-career, advanced)
  • Vocation or industry (blue collar, professional, clerical, etc.)
  • Specific fields (medical, legal, computers, teachers, etc.)
  • What magazines or professional journals do they read?
  • What associations do they belong to and what conferences do they attend?

Target Markets

Besides bookstores, where is this book going to sell? Identify institutions and organizations that are likely to purchase the book. Identify the primary market and at least two secondary markets.

Competitive Analysis 

Determine which existing books are the most similar to your proposed book in terms of audience, scope, and coverage. List the top 5 or more most relevant competing books and include the following information for each:

  • Book title
  • Year published
  • Publisher
  • Page count
  • Price
  • Trim size (6 x 9, 8½ x 11, etc.)
  • sales ranking
  • How your book is different and better than each book

Sales and Marketing Analysis

Research the potential market for your book and give facts and figures that support the notion that significant numbers of people will buy it.  

Are there factors that will affect the demand for books in this area? 

Demonstrate your ability and willingness to help promote and sell the book after it is published. Suggest ways that your publisher can partner with you to market and sell the book. 

If you have contacts within companies or organizations that would be interested in buying the book in quantity, describe them here. 

If you have previously published other books, please provide sales figures for them.


Include a full, detailed outline of the topics that your book will cover. The outline should include chapter titles, chapter subtopics, and synopses of what each chapter covers.

Sample Chapters 

Include the book's Introduction, which should explain the questions the book addresses and what answers it gives. Also send at least one full chapter (preferably not the first chapter) that is representative of your writing and organizational skills as well as your knowledge of the subject.

Your Bio and Qualifications as an Author 

Please send a copy of your current resume or CV. Include information on previous writing and publications you have done. Demonstrate why you are an authority on your subject and why you are the right person to write this book. Include any affiliations or associations you belong to that will enable you to help promote the book after it is published. Do you regularly speak to large audiences on topics related to your book's subject? Do you have access to specific, relevant mailing lists? Do you write a regular column for a newspaper or magazine? Are you an instructor who will use your own book as required reading in your classes?

Project Status 

Is your book already written? If not, when do you expect to finish it? Have you proposed it to other publishers previously or simultaneously? Has it been previously published and the rights have reverted to you? What type of software are you using to prepare the manuscript?

Did you read this to the bottom? If so, that is a great start. If you get stuck on any of the points included here, don't fret. Let us have a look at your proposal and we will try to get back within 4 weeks. 

We currently are very backlogged with manuscripts and unfortunately are experiencing a long response time. Sorry! If you do not hear back within 6 weeks, please feel free to send a friendly reminder.