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We are so excited to be part of this exciting new project headed by our partner 501(c)3 PA non-profit, Random Acts of Reading. We are looking for elementary schools who want to see their students get excited about reading and writing, as they go on a quest for the golden ticket—which is hidden inside a book inside a newfangled book vending machine (so much better for kids than a soda or candy vending machine! :)) that they can earn golden coins for through their hard work at being kind friends and good students.

When the Golden Ticket has been discovered, the whole school can celebrate, as it means they earned a meet-the-author visit (virtually or in-person) to share the book with all the kids, and there will be a book for every child for the appropriate age-group.

That also launches and opportunity for students to apply to be part of a small writing workshop, where the kids will work together to create their own book that will be published by the Eifrig Publishing imprint YACK! (Young Authors-Creative Kids) and then THEIR book will be highlighted by a meet-the-author event and be put into the book vending machine.

In addition (it keeps on giving!), the books in the vending machine include a number to call to have their selected book read to them or they can read it on a call … to shelter dogs! Kids love dogs and love reading to dogs, as they don’t have to worry about doing it perfectly. And the research shows, the dogs love having kids read to them too! WIN-WIN-WIN!

If you want to be part of this, either by helping bring the program to your school, (or slightly modified for your local shelter, pediatricians office, library…) or by supporting Random Acts of Reading so the program can thrive, please reach out.

We are super excited this year for our local day of giving, Centre Gives, as we have a matching $30,000 donation—IF we can get lots of small donations to add up! Your support is really appreciated! (We are going for the power hour from 10-11 am on May 10), so please mark your calendars and help close the learning gap from these past difficult years!