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Brad Yates

Brad YatesBrad has been a presenter at a number of events, including several International Energy Psychology Conferences and the Walk On Water (WOW) Fest in Los Angeles. He has presented at Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success event, and has done tele-seminars with “The Secret” stars Bob Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale. Brad has also been a featured expert in the Tapping World Summits.

Brad is the author of the best-selling children’s book “The Wizard’s Wish,” the co-author of the best-seller “Freedom at Your Fingertips,” a featured expert in the film “The Tapping Solution” (along with Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Bruce Lipton), and has been heard internationally on a number of internet radio talk shows. For those who have suffered through dry seminars, you should know that Brad’s eclectic background includes several years as an internationally performing actor, and (yes… it is true) he is a graduate of Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Clown College, where he was selected to be the emcee and a featured performer in the final show under the “Big Top.” :•)

Brad is a caring professional with a sincere interest in seeing people produce extraordinary results. He lives in the Sacramento area with his wonderful wife and their two magnificent kids.

In an effort to make a positive difference, there is a program I am passionate about developing:

The Seeds of Greatness

Within every child is great potential. The greatest thing we can do – as parents, teachers and friends – is to nurture that potential, both for the child’s success and well-being, and for the benefit of mankind.

The objective of the Seeds of Greatness Project is to support children in being more successful in their lives, particularly through the use of EFT and guided imagery. These techniques will be used to boost confidence and self-esteem, as well as enhance both academic and athletic performance. Participants will experience a greater overall feeling of health and well-being, they will have new tools to help them cope with stressful situations, and will likely make better choices at a time when the choices they make can have a dramatic impact on their future.

At present, this project is only an intention—a seed, if you will—there is no organized program yet. However, if you know of a school or youth organization that would like to participate in the development of such a project, please contact me–the more the merrier!

"Brad Yates is a master teacher. He is a warm, loving, powerful, effective, transformative force for good. I totally endorse his work."
Jack Canfield, Author, The Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul - Star of The Secret

"I call him the EFT Wizard!
Nicole Whitney, Producer & Host, News for the Soul, #1 Life-Changing Radio Show

"Brad has the easiest, friendliest, most articulate way of presenting EFT I've ever seen. It's simple, practical, and fast. Plus he's a hoot to work with.
Dr. Joe Vitale, Author, "The Attractor Factor" and star of "The Secret"

"Brad Yates has the ability to make profound and  life-changing differences in people's lives. His down-to-earth communication style combined with a wonderful sense of humor creates an instant connection with those he's working with. Brad's command of the Emotional Freedom Technique completely transformed my life and the lives of thousands of my students, and it's always a pleasure to 
work with him in any capacity.
Bob Doyle - Star of "The Secret"