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Pickleball Guesthouses Community Blog

SHARING OUR STORIES--meanderings by the pickleball community as people meet one another, share  homes and tables, and with that share our common humanity. 

What kind of traveling are you doing? Is it an extra trip you have planned to begin your retirement with a cross-country pickleball tour? Are you headed to a tournament and you needed accommodations on your way? Traveling for business and want to enjoy a little sport and some more of the communities you are visiting? Are you returning north for the summer and want to break up the drive with some new friends on the pickleball court? Or are you driving out to see the grandkids and you have time for some active sightseeing on the way? 

Whatever it is that gets you out playing pickleball, it is sure to be a good thing! Pickleball seems to bring out the best in people: competition, but friendly; athleticism, but activity that is achievable for all body types; new people, and for the most part, pretty darn nice ones! 

Please send us a link to your blog, and we will share it here, so others can be inspired by your story!  And share with us what good community projects you are supporting! Maybe you participate in benefit events (if so, tell us about them!), or raise money for a cause you are passionate about. Share your stories!


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