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Audio Books

Create your own audio book with Storysticker

In a joint endeavor with the folks at StorySticker, you can now embed your own personal page-by-page recording into your book!

For just $1 extra, the book will come with code that will enable you to record a reading of a child's favorite book!

What a great way to be part of a child's storytime when you can't be there in person! Or record your child reading the book and have this early keepsake preserved forever inside the book! The cool new technology at StorySticker makes it possible.

CREATOR: Make your own personal audio recording of this book. Simply download the free StorySticker app on your Apple or Android mobile device, or visit Scan the image or enter the 10-letter code to begin. Once you have set up an account and logged in, you can start to record yourself reading the story one page at a time. Once you have created your own special personalized storytime, you can share it with the recipient of your book!

RECIPIENT: Just follow the instructions on the app or website to listen to the recording created just for you. Enjoy!

Additional StorySticker stickers are available below or at for only $1.99, so you can personalize your entire library!

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