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In an attempt to make books available to parents and kids stuck at home through this crisis, we are offering our ebooks with a pick-your-price system. Simply select your book and pick a price, from free to $10.00 (if you would like to support the authors who created these books, AND make it possible to donate books to others).

Should you be charged for shipping when purchasing eBooks, please use code EBOOKBONUS at checkout.

What format is best for you? Send a note with your order what format you would prefer! Find your device and recommended eBook file format below. 

  • PC or Mac— EPUB or PDF
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  • Amazon Kindle — PDF
  • Android — EPUB
  • Nook — EPUB
  • Sony and other readers — EPUB
After purchasing an eBook, you will receive an email asking what format you prefer, and it will be sent via email or dropbox (for larger files).
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