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Polly's Dream (2012 YACK GOLD MEDAL WINNER)

Polly's Dream (2012 YACK GOLD MEDAL WINNER)

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By Grace Cousins

Polly is a creative little penguin who lives at the South Pole with her mama and papa. When she is not outdoors exploring, she can be found in her bedroom creating. Her desk is covered with jars of pens and pencils. At night she lies in her comfy sea green bed and looks out her window and stares at the stars and dreams of adventures far away.

One day she ventures out!


Grace wrote this story when she was 11 eleven ...

and won first prize in the 2nd Annual YACK! contest for young authors! She lives Lemont, Pennsylvania in a large yellow house, with her artistic mom and her intelligent dad, and her three older sisters.

When she is not writing stories and doing tons of homework, she is making masterpieces in her art room and baking cupcakes in the kitchen. She also loves to spend time with her two Labradors, Leo and Mya, and her fat cat, Maggie.