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Boxer Baby Battles Bedtime

Boxer Baby Battles Bedtime

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Mom is counting on Dad to get Boxer Baby down for her nap, but Boxer Baby is the G.O.A.T. of sleep avoidance. This hilarious face-off mimics a three-round boxing match, as Boxer Baby is no lightweight when it comes to staying awake.

Dad has a few tricks up his sleeve, but will it be enough in this epic battle against nap time?

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@pragmaticmom does it again! Check out her very clever and hilarious Boxer Baby Battles Bedtime! Dad struggles to get his child to take a nap, told in a 3-round boxing match. Lots of laughs + I never realized how many boxing terms were idioms! 

Delightful picture book details the struggles between a child and her dad, as nap time approaches and the age old question surfaces: will this child take a nap? The soft colored illustrations fully capture the exhaustion of the dad and the persistence of the baby. Most brilliant of all, this familiar to-parents-of-young-ones-everywhere tale couches the struggle as a boxing match, incorporating boxing idioms and providing an entertaining and innovative framework. A super fun and relatable read for all ages. An extra joy: the pictures portray an Asian family, with the mom going to work and the dad staying home. Includes a boxing terms glossary in the end. Mia Wenjen is a third generation Japanese American who blogs about diverse children’s literature at @pragmaticmom. Emily

This clever book by Mia Wenjin is hilarious!!! It tells the story of a Dad battling to get his child to take a nap in a three round boxing match. The story is so relatable and the incorporation of boxing terms is impressive and guaranteed to make you laugh. The drawings are fabulous, with fun perspectives, female boxers on the walls, and a creative use of a dog. At the end there is a glossary of boxing terms, with a definition and the explanation of the corresponding idiom. It was eye opening – I never realized how many boxing terms were idioms!

This book is bound to be a favorite, regardless of boxing knowledge or interest.  Cindy G.

When Boxer Baby won't go down for her nap, it's a real battle! Who will go down for the count: Dad, or Boxer Baby? Author Mia Wenjen cleverly uses boxing terms -- which have become commonly used idioms-- and humor throughout. A great read-aloud for a knockout storytime!

Bonus educational content: back matter includes definitions of boxing terms and their idiomatic meanings.  Lisa

Boxer Baby Battles Bedtime written by Mia Wenjen and illustrated by Kai Gietzen is a fun and engaging bedtime read! My 6-year-old was maybe a little older than the target audience, but she still enjoyed it. The story flows nicely and there is lots of boxing lingo throughout. I often found myself slipping into my best boxing-announcer-voice while reading much to the delight of my little listener! The illustrations are silly and inviting - my daughter enjoyed finding the dog on various pages. The glossary in the back was a great addition as was the note from the author explaining that the dad in the book is based on a real Filipino-American boxer. It also inspired us to learn more about female boxers.   Carla Bregitzer

Dad is no match for baby in this epic battle to get baby down for a nap. Using language from the boxing world (like "bobbing and weaving" and "throw in the towel"), readers see the everyday battle to convince an active toddler to take a nap in an innovative new way. My six-year-old loved reading this book with her dad, who also enjoyed the book's silliness (and the familiarity of the struggle to convince your little one to go to sleep). This book was written by the wonderful Mia Wenjen, who explains that she was inspired by boxers like Nonito Donaire, Leila Ali, and Clarissa Shield, and illustrated by Kai Gietzen (his debut picture book as an illustrator). This book makes for a very engaging read aloud, though we did need to pause throughout to define and explain some of the terms - which the glossary at the back was really useful in aiding in!   Cara Byrne

The book cover sets the stage for a rollicking and raucous story about a topic parents of young children are all too familiar with – the battle over naptime and bedtime! The author's witty and clever use of boxing terms throughout the book keeps the adult reader, as well as the audience of children, engaged and chuckling. The pictures perfectly mirror the book's humorous tenor, filling in details to help the reader have more insight into the main character and understand the nuances of the plot.

The book's narration reads like the script for an announcer at a boxing match from line one. “Welcome, fans! First to weigh in today is Boxer Baby, the undisputed champion of avoid naps!” The text is accompanied by an illustration depicting a toddler girl defiantly standing astride the pediatrician’s scale. The stage – or boxing arena – is set.

With Dad in the blue corner sitting on the couch and Boxer Baby in the red corner, wildly riding her rocking horse, Mom leaves with the parting words, “Make sure she naps!”  Dad realizes it is up to him to “…get Boxer Baby down for the count!” Just as Dad catches Boxer Baby, he encounters “…a foul below the belt,” a diaper so full of poo that a bath is required. Boxer Baby bobs and weaves in the tub, but Dad finally wraps her up with a blanket and heads to the nursery. “Boxer Baby is no lightweight when it comes to battling sleep.” But Dad is prepared with a combination of moves – a blanket, a stuffed animal, and a pacifier. When Boxer Baby yawns, Dad feels triumphant. But will Dad become the winner of the match?  You will have to read this entertaining and zany book to find out.

It is evident that the author has competed in many rounds fighting to get a child to bed, as well as being knowledgeable about the sport of boxing. The book masterfully weaves text and illustrations to magically transport the reader into a boxing arena.  The illustrations have a humorous, whimsical, cartoon-like feel that totally matches the book's tone. The book ends with a glossary of the boxing terms used in the book. When you pick up this book, prepare for a roisterous romp to naptime.  Barefoot Librarian

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