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Green Golly & her Golden Flute (book & CD)

Green Golly & her Golden Flute (book & CD)

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By Keith Torgan and Barbara Siesel

Rapunzel may have been horrified to spend her days trapped in that big old tower, but not Green Golly!

She was so inspired, she couldn’t help but make music.

This introduction to the creative and beautiful world of classical music inspires children to listen actively and imagine creatively.

The almost hour-long Green Golly CD, a Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner, includes beautiful performances of Mozart, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Gossec, Copland, Elgar, Bizet, and Chopin that your whole family will love to listen to over and over again.

You can listen to the soundtrack instantaneously on your mobile device with the new technology of StorySticker: just download the StorySticker app and scan the QR code in the book, and the story and music will load immediately for your listening pleasure wherever you are!

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