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Madam President: Women Who Paved the Way (2019 edition)

Madam President: Women Who Paved the Way (2019 edition)

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By Nichola Gutgold and Abigail Kennedy

Whoever that first woman president may be, she will be indebted to the other women who trailblazed before her.

We have had over forty presidents in the United States since the country began, and all of them have been men. But did you know that many women also have run for president? They have been trying for decades, and will keep trying. Someday soon, a woman will be elected President of the United States. It could be you!

Madam President tells the story of five pioneering women who made a bid at the presidency: Margaret Chase Smith, Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm, Patricia Scott Schroeder, Elizabeth Hanford Dole, and Hillary Rodham Clinton. It also introduces the new candidates vying for the presidential candidacy in 2020.


And for the days you just wish it were different, the book that wasn't, limited edition, Introducing Madam President


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