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The Crumbles Chronicles: Battle of the Paper Bags

The Crumbles Chronicles: Battle of the Paper Bags

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By Laura Scott Schaefer

Narrated by Crumbles himself, Battle of the Paper Bags tells a humorous “tail” about how an insecure rescue pup faces his arch nemesis (well, one of them) - big brown paper bags!
But can a nervous pup such as Crumbles really battle the bags and win? Bark along with this hapless hero as he deals with his own identity crisis, his overwhelming fear of everyday objects, and a yearning to have a real super power. Along the way, Crumbles meets Napoleon, a tiny poodle with a big attitude, Chip, a frantic rodent, and Whisper, the wise bunny. Crumbles also shares his amusing Crumbles Code Rules, such as “ I pee on Myself. Deal with it.” and “Don’t Touch My Tail. Ever.” Hilarious but heartwarming, Crumbles shows us that anyone can be a hero.

Perfect beginning chapterbook!


"Crumbles Chronicles is an adorable and fun tale about perseverance, optimism, staying in the moment, and the importance of appreciating and using all of our traits and characteristics and seeing them as gifts. Kids will learn that a hero lies in all of us." --Dr. Kristy M Vanacore, Child Psychologist

Briarcliff Daily Voice, 12.5.14

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