The Thief, the Witch and the Shop of Curiosities  

The Thief, the Witch and the Shop of Curiosities  

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by Mark Isherwood

Nothing much happens in Cheddarington.

Nothing much except for the time freezes, some witches, a mysterious shop that isn’t a shop and a couple of centuries-old Italian gentlemen. Two friends, Peter and Erin, find themselves on a strange adventure that will forever change them and their families. 



Sharon Soph, Goodreads: "I really, really enjoyed this. It is quite unique, although I thought readers of J K Rowling, Jacqueline Wilson, and even fans of Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree would enjoy it. Lots of magic, good versus evil, fantasy and historical references to entice children to want to find out more. Chapters end leaving you wanting to read on, which is essential to entice young readers. It lends itself to further adventures, so hope there are more in the pipeline. The descriptions of scenes are beautiful, and this would make a fantastic film!"