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Catalina and the King's Wall Press Release


Contact: Patty Costello 415 West Curling Drive Boise, ID 83702 P: 651-253-9979 




New Picture Book Teaches Kids Tolerance Through Humor


Boise, Idaho (January 12, 2018)Catalina and the King’s Wall does for kids what politicians can’t seem to do for adults: it teaches tolerance through humor. 

Catalina, a baker for a very hungry king, uses her baking skills to cleverly stop the king from building a border wall to separate the kingdom from its neighboring kingdom. Through beautiful illustrations and simple words, kids learn how to stand by their convictions even when powerful people tell them not to.

Author Patty Costello, a neuroscientist and university professor, wrote the book to help parents teach kids about being kind even when others are not.  With the current DACA and “Build a wall” discussions, this book provides a segue to initiate conversations with kids on these issues.

“I know a lot of parents are at a loss about how to discuss our nation’s political climate with their young children,” Costello says. “Preschoolers are too young to understand immigration or travel bans, but they certainly understand right from wrong. This book helps parents talk about being kind even when people in charge set a poor example.”  

Published by Eifrig Publishing of Lemont, PA, Catalina and the King’s Wall will release on May 5th. Pre-orders begin Jan. 20. 

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