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A Garden of Emotions: Cultivating Peace through EFT Tapping
A Garden of Emotions: Cultivating Peace through EFT Tapping
A Garden of Emotions: Cultivating Peace through EFT Tapping
A Garden of Emotions: Cultivating Peace through EFT Tapping
A Garden of Emotions: Cultivating Peace through EFT Tapping

A Garden of Emotions: Cultivating Peace through EFT Tapping

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With 10 Videos by Brad Yates

Now, more than ever, kids need tools to deal with a wide range of emotions they experience day to day: fear, anxiety, shame, anger, sadness, grief, worry.... and they need tools to help them feel good about themselves, too! 

EFT Tapping can provide the tools kids (and adults) need to get through these emotions without letting them get the overhand. Brad Yates is a leading expert in EFT Tapping, and this book presents a unique series of tappings sessions designed especially for kids to help them get through a Garden of Emotions. 

This is a beautiful book of painted illustrations that accompany each of the ten emotions, providing a great means to talking with kids about what they are feeling.

Brad Yates created 10 special videos for the specific emotions.

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Having a Good Day

— Kindness to Self: Empathetic, Forgiving 

Kindness to Others: Dealing with Shame,  Bullying

— Relaxing: Dealing with Anxiety, Stress

Focusing: Getting the Wiggles Out

— Letting go of Fear: Being Brave and Smart   

Calming Down: Getting over Anger, Rage

— Feeling Good Again: Getting over Sadness, Grief 

Being Positive: Dealing with Disappointment

— Accepting Imperfection: Feeling Good Enough 

They can also all be found here on YouTube.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Random Acts of Reading, a non-profit Eifrig Publishing is collaborating with to give books to kids in need, so more kids can have access to this and other great books we create!

You can also purchase by the case for your own use or, if you would like to donate books to schools, you can make a donation to Random Acts of Reading and we will donate the books in your name.  Pricing for a case of 38 hardcovers is $500, and for a case of 100 paperbacks it is $800.

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 Also by Brad Yates, The Wizard's Wish, new edition now available in Hardcover!



Dr. Peta Stapleton, clinical psychologist, reviews the book here!


WONDERFUL book--and what a gift!!

"This book is a call to awareness that children have complex emotions and those emotions get confused when they experience stress or bullying or failure or other negative situations. EFT can profoundly aid children in sorting through and processing feelings so they land in a positive place. “A Garden of Emotions” is a gift to our children, and ultimately becomes a gift to the household, classroom, community and the world. Very user friendly to begin tapping right away!"

     ~Dr. Jan Viafora, Holistic physician and EFT practitioner


"As an RN and transformational coach, EFT is my number one go-to tool for releasing emotions, calming the nervous system and rewiring belief patterns.  Many of my clients inquire about using EFT with their children and family members and I'm so excited to have such a wonderful book to offer them.  I believe parents, teachers and therapists will all be able to use this with children to help them learn how to use tapping as an effective strategy to manage stress and find peace.  A really wonderful book and resource!  Thank you!"
    ~Kelly Howe, RN, Mind-body Wellness Coaching


Brad Yates’ new book, Garden of Emotions, is lovely to look at, and has a second feature many will love: embedded video links for visiting with Brad for a live person-to-person Tapping experience.  Brad Yates' fans will appreciate his gentle, conversational style with an emphasis on learning to compassionately love ourselves as an evergreen first step towards being a light for the world. What better lesson to pass on to our young ones?"
   ~Jondi Whitis, MTOT 


"A Garden of Emotions is a delightful book filled with practical steps for adult caregivers to share with children.  The gorgeous watercolor illustrations and simple words open up the conversation without judgment.  Everyone has feelings and deserves be feel safe and loved.  This book truly emphasizes the message of self-worth to help children find their own unique way of honoring feelings and becoming their best selves."

   ~Betsy B. Muller, MBA, ACAP-EFT, CEHP


"Es ist wunderschön geworden und ich freue mich sehr, damit zu arbeiten."

   ~Judith Hennemann, Cologne, Germany,  Ganzheitlich-Integrativen Atem- Therapeutin (IBF), and yoga teacher

“A Garden of Emotions is great book for small children. When a little one is upset or feeling strong emotions, a parent or caregiver can pick a video that relates to the current situation and the child can tap along.  How cool is that? The child will start to immediately calm down. What a great way for the child to learn there is a better way to deal with strong emotions. If we had all learned EFT tapping as children, the world would be a better place.”

   ~Juanita Ecker, EFT Tapping Coach


"I went to Brad's book launch yesterday and I have to say, this book is already changing my daughter's life. We read it last night and I showed her how to use my phone to access the "secret" videos that go with the book. She did the tapping in the video before bed, and then this morning she was excited to do another one before school. It's so awesome to see a generation of kids who have access to self-care resources like tapping and are motivated to actually use them!"

   ~Naomi, mother in Queensland, Australia


"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you. Amelia is tapping every night with me. It's a lovely moment to share together and her phobia of spiders is reducing quickly (our current tapping video course with Brad). Thank you!"

 ~Mel, mother in Queensland, Australia

I love the book and have already worked it into my classroom presentations. The QR codes are easy to use to pull up videos and the kids were very engaged in the tapping exercises! The topics go along nicely with the social emotional curriculum we are implementing in the schools.  

~Tracie, elementary school special ed teacher

My 2 little boys and I came through a traumatic and horrific experience. All well now, but since I discovered tapping they have been curious about it. 
I bought the book and right away my 5 year old said “oh this is beautiful”. 
We read some pages and then used the barcode to see a video. We tapped together on ‘I choose to have a good day’. My 4 year came into the room and we decided to do another video so he could see and do one with us. 
As we started my 5 year old whispered to him... “there a really really good surprise at the end. You get a really great happy feeling.”  

~ Elle, mother of two boys