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Abby's Adventures - Dance Recital ...and the Case of Ballerina-itis

Abby's Adventures - Dance Recital ...and the Case of Ballerina-itis

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by Suzanne Ridolfi, illustrated by Dawn Griffin

Join Abby as she stumbles through childhood's most difficult situations. Laugh along with this delightful 6-year-old as she uses a bit of spunk and a lot of creativity to handle the exciting adventures of being a kid.

Dance along with Abby in this adventure as she decides to become a ballerina. After a few mishaps, Abby realizes being a dancer is harder than it looks and wants to quit. Will a mysterious case of ballerina-itis stop her or will she dance all the way to the recital?

"Abby's Adventures: Dance Recital... and the Case of Ballerina-Itis" is a whimsical, humorous illustrated story about a spunky girl who likes to explore exciting new experiences, like learning to be a ballerina. Although Abby is excited to start learning to dance, she soon discovers that it is a challenging experience. Frustrated by the complicated instructions, the new positions, and the physical demands of learning beginning ballet, Abby decides she has "ballerina-itis." Fortunately her mother and Miss Nadia, her teacher, know how to help her recover her enthusiasm for ballet. They encourage her to practice, practice, practice. More important, they tell her that she doesn't have to be the best, she just needs to practice and do her very best. Abby survives the dance recital and learns a valuable lesson about sticking to a project and seeing it through. Comical illustrations help young readers identify with Abby and learn new things without feeling threatened or scared. "Abby's Adventures: Dance Recital and the Case of Ballerina-Itis" is part of a popular series for girls ages 3-10 which also includes the following titles, also highly recommended: "Abby's Adventures: Picture Day... and the Missing Tooth (9781936172085)" and "Abby's Adventures: Christmas Carol... and Little Miss Scrooge (9781936172429)." Midwest Book Review