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Dragonflies: Water Angels and Brilliant Bioindicators

Dragonflies: Water Angels and Brilliant Bioindicators

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by Marta Magellan

Dragonflies might be one of the most ancient of all insects—their ancestors were here before the dinosaurs. But what do we know about them? Why are they called dragonflies? What’s up with those funny-looking eyes? Can they really fly backwards? What does it mean to be a bioindicator? The answers are inside, with photos of these beautiful insects and friendly cartoons.

Marta Magellan and Mauro Magellan are an author/illustrator team who started to work together after having published separately for many years. Marta Magellan’s interest in wildlife and nature has led her to write many nonfiction books on animals for children. You can learn more about her at:

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