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Fig Newton Summer

Fig Newton Summer

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by Lisa Gammon Olson


School is out, and Lizzie can’t wait to join her two best friends, Nattie and Heidi, at their cottages in the woods for a few months of canoeing, fishing, and exploring, like she has every summer since she was little.

In 12 year old Lizzie’s world, where boys, friends, and all the drama of waiting to “bloom” are ever-present, she finds a distraction in the guise of an enormous fish—a Muskellunge called Goliath! Set in the wilderness of northern Wisconsin, Lizzie finds a series of unfortunate events will unfold that threaten her vacation plans. Lizzie will need the help of an unlikely ally if she is to ever catch the fish of her dreams.



Dust Flowers / Sewing the Magic In / The Cheese Song / Remembering Green / And the Trees Began to Move / River of Light / Fig Newton Summer,